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Calistoga's rich history began more than 500 years ago, when the Wappo Indians discovered remarkable mineral water geyser springs in what is now the Upper Napa Valley of California. For centuries, tribal members would travel to the source to soak in the area's hot mineral pools. Claims about the health benefits of the mineral water became so legendary that the Wappo tribe called the region "Tu-la-halusi land of health-giving springs." Of course, the Wappos also enjoyed drinking the mineral water, which they would occasionally mix with the juice of fruits and berries that grew abundantly in the valley.

It wasn't until the California gold rush, in the 1860s, that the benefits of the area's mineral springs were touted to a wider audience. It was then that pioneer and entrepreneur Sam Brannan developed a resort near the site and founded the present town of Calistoga. According to a popular story, the town got its name one night at dinner, when wine - not water - was flowing, and Brannan stood up to toast his new venture. Wishing to proclaim his intentions to make the town the Saratoga of California, he inadvertently said "The Calistoga of Sarifornia." The name Calistoga, which is now synonymous with refreshment, was born.

The town developed and prospered, but it took Giuseppe Musante's arrival to spark interest in the refreshing taste of the mineral water. Musante owned a soda fountain and candy store in Calistoga called The Railway Exchange, where he sold sodas, phosphates, and other treats. In 1920, while drilling for a cold-water well at his store, he tapped into a hot-water geyser so powerful that it blew him off his scaffolding. But the Calistoga geyser, as it was called, also propelled him to much greater success. In addition to selling the mineral water from the geyser from his shop, in 1924 he set up a bottling line and began selling Calistoga® Brand Sparkling Mineral Water.


Calistoga® Brand Sparkling Mineral Water comes from a source deep in the earth, below the small town of Calistoga in California's Upper Napa Valley. Geothermal forces and the rock strata contribute to Calistoga® Brand Sparkling Mineral Water's mineral base, which imparts a distinctive, refreshing taste. Geothermal forces naturally heat the water to its boiling point, so it must be cooled to 36 degrees Fahrenheit before it is bottled.